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New Program: Corporate Board Governance

Upcoming Session

Aug 12th – 15th: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In Person

Columbia Business School's Manhattanville Campus, NYC

$6500 for members
$8500 for non-members
Includes all learning materials + breakfast & lunch

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The Corporate Governance Program equips executives and professionals who currently serve or are interested in serving on corporate boards with the knowledge required to excel as stewards of shareholders that promote long-term and sustainable value creation. 

Drawing on thought leadership from world-renowned experts at Columbia Business School and leading practicing directors, this program integrates academic research with a deep understanding of the emerging issues that boardrooms face. 

A unique aspect of the program is a series of panel discussions entirely devoted to emerging issues in the field of corporate governance, such as CEO succession plans, shareholder activism, the disruptive impact of technology and cyber risk, and corporate social responsibility. Program participants interact with round tables of top US directors, moderated by a Columbia Business School faculty expert in an engaging format. 

Fast-paced, dynamic, and practical, this interactive program is a must-attend for current and aspiring corporate directors and chief executives. Those attending gain valuable insight from fellow board members while also having the opportunity to share their own best practices. Whether a seasoned director looking to stay current and maintain board directorship certification or new to the boardroom, participants emerge from this program with new insights and the sharpened skill set needed to serve effectively. 

The course will be held over four consecutive days of in-person sessions on the Manhattanville campus in NYC from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Aug 12th to 15th

Includes breakfast, lunch, and all materials for the in-person program

Participant Profile 

This program is ideal for: 

  • Current board members of US public companies 
  • Board members of foreign corporations 
  • Board members of private, family-owned, or nonprofit organizations, although the specific regulations of public companies may not apply to such institutions 
  • Executives looking to develop the skills needed to get on corporate and non-profit boards 

Aug 12th – 15th: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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This course includes:


The board of directors are an undervalued resource in many organizations. Our Corporate Governance Program equips aspiring and existing board members and directors with the insights needed to ensure high performance and value creation in the long and short term. 

The program uniquely combines the best of cutting-edge classroom learning with a series of action-packed conversations about emerging issues that boardrooms are facing. 

During the classroom portion, participants learn from world-renowned Columbia Business School faculty and guest speakers to gain insights needed to ensure high performance in the long and short term, including: 

  • Appreciating value creation via financial statements 
  • Harnessing finance to realize the company’s strategy 
  • Minimizing financial reporting risks as a member of the audit committee 
  • Minimizing the threat of litigation for you and your company 
  • Incentivizing the CEO to create long-term sustainable value as a member of the compensation committee 
  • Planning for the succession of the CEO 
  • Benchmark against best practices of corporate governance 
  • Implementing best practices for private and early-stage boards 

During the panel discussions, participants interact with round tables of top US directors on emerging topics the boardroom is facing like:

  • Anticipating and preparing for the next activist challenge 
  • Increasing the board’s visibility into disruptive technologies and business models 
  • Leveraging diversity and inclusion to create long-term value 

Special Feature: Optional Bonus Sessions for Aspiring Board Members

In addition to the above, the program also features the following optional sessions for aspiring board members: 

  • Board Resume Workshop 
  • Board Recruiting and Interview Process 


Faculty Director

Shiva Rajgopal

Roy Bernard Kester and T.W. Byrnes Professor of Accounting and Auditing

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