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The WLDA Summit brought together F1000 tech leaders who shared breakthrough data and AI technologies and celebrated leaders’ achievements across the field

At the 2021 WLDA Summit was held in NYC on Dec. 2nd, 2021 where F1000 tech leader attendees heard from thought leaders, experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs across the data and AI fields.  

Education and inspiration proliferated throughout the full-day TED Talk-style event:

  • The morning kicked off with Futuristic AI, where attendees were exposed to ideas presented by entrepreneurs working in the distant and not-so-distant future of data and AI
  • WLDA Talks, continued throughout the afternoon with female thought leaders presenting topics such as AI for Good, Ethical AI, and AI policy.

That evening we headed to the 2021 WLDA Awards Gala where we celebrated leaders and influencers in technology, data, and AI,
who have stood out, taken risks, and pushed their organizations and teams to new heights.

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