2023 WLDA Impact Survey

The 2023 WLDA Impact Survey was taken to see what member's most pressing issues were and in what ways being a WLDA member has helped their professional development.

Receiving feedback is essential for us to keep empowering women leaders and offering the very best services to our members. In order to offer you with this insight, we have included the full pdf download of this survey below.

What are the most pressing issues facing women leaders in data and AI? Bias in the workplace was the most pressing problem with 56%, with limited access to resources and opportunities following it at 44%.

In what ways has WLDA benefitted careers in data and AI? Results show that 83% have felt that it has expanded their professional development and 67% feel that it has increased their visibility in the field. Members have seen a number of milestones since joining, such as career growth and new responsibilities.

Top valued membership benefits.73% of members say that building a network and 67% say that the Mastermind Circle and Peer-to-Peer Circle Coaching has been the most beneficial to them within the membership.

Members acknowledge WLDA’s success in supporting the community, with excitement and optimism for the future, a great brand, and a call to celebrate success and embrace the future.

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