Join Us for Recognition and Awards at WLDA's Annual Gala

December 02, 2021

In this annual gala, we are celebrating inspiring women
who are working, leading, creating and or demonstrating
innovation in Data & AI

Come join us in the festivities as we celebrate women leaders and influencers in technology, data, and AI roles across various industries who have stood out, taken risks, and pushed their teams to new heights.

Hear about the creativity and achievements of your incredible colleagues from leading global companies.    

Invitees will include leaders and influencers from industry, academia and government, prominent and influential AI thought-leaders, AI enthusiasts, venture capitalists and AI and big data startups.   

    Award Categories:

  • Corporate leadership 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Up-and-comers
  • Industry trailblazers
  • Motivators 
  • Changemaker
gala awards dinner

Who can apply

WLDA Woman Leader of The Year

A woman who is a prominent leader, colleague, and trailblazer in Data and AI

Women who’ve successfully altered the course of
Data and AI for the better.   

Corporate Champions:
Women who’ve steered their companies into new markets, new opportunities, new audiences, and
strong, measurable growth. 
Women or men who have supported 
women’s growth in data and AI.

Women who’ve launched or rebuilt data and AI products
and services and continue to
work tirelessly towards their success.

Data Trailblazers: 
Women of smaller ranks who’ve had an exceptional impact on the direction of their industry in ways that are measurable beyond just their own companies. (programmers/ developers in a company that has the most impact). Passionate about making the data world a better place. 

Women and men who’ve made an extraordinary effort, to influence the future of technology.  Whether that is keynote talks, or publishing PhD academic research papers. Women who are doing exceptional and innovative research in areas relevant to big data, AI, computer science and related fields.

Up and Comers  (Grad Students/Ph. D): 
Women on the rise, making their mark,
even at the early stages of their careers.