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2023 WLDA Summit

The 2023 WLDA Summit: AI Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the Future ofArtificial Intelligence held at Accenture Innovation Hub, One Manhattan West,New York City, was a pivotal exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential. The summit’s agenda was packed with insightful sessions, each offering a unique perspective on the future of AI. Here are some photos from that day:  

  We kicked the day off with inspiring welcome remarks from Asha Saxena,Founder and CEO of WLDA, and Laura Peterson, Communications, Media and Technology NE Business Lead at Accenture.  


Navigating Data and AI Disruption

The fireside chat with Jane Lauder, Executive Vice President Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. ,and Lee Barrett, Managing Director, Northeast Data & AI Practice Lead at Accenture,was a highlight, focusing on how to achieve value in AI beyond the hype. This session emphasized the importance of understanding AI’s capabilities and limitations, and how businesses can leverage AI for real-world applications.

Think Tank Sessions:
A Deep Dive into AI’s Potential

Expert moderators guided attendees through focused Think Tank sessions. These sessions encouraged participants to share successes, address challenges, and delve into the intricate nuances of AI within their respective industries.

Keri Smith, Managing Director, Applied Intelligence Lead, NE Financial Services, Cloud First at Accenture, and Tracy Ring, CDO and Global Generative AI Lead, Life Sciences at Accenture, moderated the Think Tank session on AI Industries.

Natalie Heisler, Managing Director, Responsible AI at Accenture, and Dr. Seth Dobrin, Founder and CEO of Qantm AI, moderated the Think Tank session Ethical & Responsible AI.


Ellen Nielsen, Chief Data Officer, Chevron, and Maria Villar, Head of Enterprise Data Strategy and Transformation, SAP, moderated the Think Tank session on Operationalizing AI.  


Lee Barrett, Managing Director, Northeast Data & AI Practice Lead at Accenture, and Yvonne Li,VP of Enterprise AI, Data Engineering, and Decision Science at Advance Auto Parts, moderated the Think Tank session on Scaling Up AI.  

Chaitanya Geddam, Managing Director, Lead – Cloud First, Data & AI,Northeast at Accenture, Jeff Kaminski, Managing Director & Head of Strategy ,Northeast Data & AI at Accenture, and Nancy Morgan, CEO and Owner at Ellis Morgan Enterprises LLC, moderated the Think Tank session on Transformation with Gen AI.  

The first batch of our WLDA Ventures Cohorts completed a 12-week course, culminating in their final pitch during the WLDA Summit. The WLDA Ventures program offers early-stage tech firms a robust mentor network, educational sessions led by industry experts, and a nurturing entrepreneurial setting, empowering female tech founders at all stages of their journey.  

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Through interactive discussions, WLDA Summit attendees identified overarching themes regarding AI challenges and successes across diverse sectors. The sessions facilitated a comprehensive understanding of AI’s role in shaping various industries.  

The midday break provided a valuable networking opportunity, fostering connections among attendees and moderators. Collaborative exchanges of ideas extended beyond the structured sessions, promoting further dialogue.  

The Summary Recap & Discussion session synthesized the day’s insights, highlighting main challenges and diverse perspectives on AI engagement across industries. Participants left with a deeper understanding of AI’s evolving landscape.   In conclusion, the 2023 WLDA Summit at Accenture One Manhattan West served as a platform for thought-provoking discussions, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Attendees departed equipped with a clearer understanding of AI’s challenges, opportunities, and strategies for navigating its evolving landscape.  


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